Happy Valentines Day from the Team at Bullfrog!

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How it all started: An Insurance Innovations Incubator

It all started 4 months ago, in early October 2016, after a short period of Venture Design were we thought, wouldn’t it be great to use our expertise in Insurance, Innovation and Technology to create a Venture firm with specific focus in Latin America? And so we founded Bullfrog Ventures, an Insurance Innovations Incubator seeking to deliver solutions for the Industry across Latin America where we have an extensive business network.

We never expected to establish relationships quick, after all startups take time, but we actually have! It turns out that when you focus on doing what you love, things are much easier. That is why we started the #lovewhatyoudo tag campaign, as we are convinced it resonates with many of you around the world. Therefore this Valentines Day is the perfect moment to introduce ourselves, as a business with a team that is passionate about what we do and how it can help our clients.

Our relationships so far: Few but Passionate

Our journey started with a product we called “Risk+” (http://solsteace.com/risk.html), our approach to one of the most important elements in Regulatory and Compliance agendas across many industries: Risk Management. We put so much Design Thinking and Innovations into it that before the end of the year we were shortlisted for the 2016 Canadian Fintech of the Year Awards. What at recognition! Both our team and our partners in the Venture, the team at Solsteace Inc (http://solsteace.com), could not believe it, and yet it was real.

We continued our work and have since focused on Analytics, both complementing it and delivering it on the promise of better information, helpful to run businesses (as opposed to have data that takes more time to process than generating insights for decision making). Specifically around the opportunities for underwriting, sales, service, portfolio management, and claims. We are kicking it off with a Geo-Analytics product called “DataCarto”, a simple yet robust solution for mapping all your risks and key assets underwritten so you can better understand products and service trends based on users behavior.

Finally, we have also contributed with the launch of our first incubated business. Crossbordr Insurance (http://crossbordr.com) is an online platform simplifying the insurance process for international companies operating in the U.S. We are very excited with how this project has evolved through the founding partners, one of them being our CEO & Co-Founder.

Sharing the love into the future: With all our Friends

So there you have it, 4 months, 3 solutions, many possibilities! We are enjoying the journey and are excited to share it with our friends, follow us as we continue into the future, loving what we do and sharing it with you!