New Products from Bullfrog Ventures!

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Today is a special day at Bullfrog Ventures as we are ready to announce our new set of products contributing to the Insurtech space. Our objective, as an Innovations Incubator dedicated to the Insurance Industry, is to focus on game-changing opportunities that deliver substantial business efficiencies. Today we deliver on such objective by announcing products in the Analytics area!

In our “Valentines Day” blog post we mentioned our focus on Geo-Analytics with a product called “DataCarto”, a simple yet robust solution for mapping all your risks and key assets underwritten so businesses can better understand products and service trends. Today we are announcing that we are ready to offer it as an Online Service, and as with all our solutions we are partnering with those who we think are best positioned to distribute and deliver the right affinity relationships for our innovations. Specifically we are partnering with FGR Group, a Multi-Latina Insurance Services Company based in Santiago, Chile with operations across Latin America, and with the best capability to deliver this solution to customers in the Region. We are excited about this partnership and can’t wait to deliver its potential.

Aligned with the Analytics theme, “Attitude” ( is a Smart Consumer Research and Satisfaction tool allowing Companies to connect directly with their customers to accurately determine consumption behavior and satisfaction levels at the right moments in the value chain. The technology acts as a stand-alone tool (i.e. web or mobile) or as embedded code in Websites or Apps allowing Claims and/or Customer Service teams ask questions directly to customers about their recent experience with the company. It also brings forth powerful reports combining answers with consumer demographics for deeper insight on behavioral patterns. As with our already launched Risk+ product, we have partnered with Solsteace Inc to deliver this solution to the Insurance market.

We hope you guys find our new products interesting and valuable to your businesses. We look forward to your enquiries, and I am personally ready to talk to you about them!

Hilario Itriago, Bullfrog Ventures CEO