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Enterprise Development

There is no innovation without the right mindset from all members of the organization.

It all starts with people, and their attitudes to embrace and drive change! We empower organizations to optimize leadership performance, talent investments, and the everyday wellbeing of the business by providing Diagnostics of your organization’s environment, all the way to Designing the appropriate programs for your employees to drive innovation.

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The Innova100 model is made up of 6 core strengths that every Innovator Leader needs to develop.

Each one of these core strenghts, has a series of behaviours that are considered fundamental to level, develop and sustain for the individuals who are leading innovation, change and strategy processes into the organizations.


An influencer has the ability to achieve goals, making others work in a harmonious and responsible way, taking care of balance between quality, eficiency and time frame.

Open Mind/Flexible

An innovator leader needs to be flexible to the new generations mindset, and develop the ability to balance all, pros and cons, of the current moment without losing balance.

Change Facilitator

An innovator leader is called to identify the mental habits that create resistance, and work on modifying them in order to leverage the strenghts of the team and transform the negative scenarios into positive.


The purpose, vision and challenges facing the team must be led by someone with a high sense of ownership and accountability.

Communicator & Storyteller

An innovator leader needs to develop the ability to seduce and convince their audience and stakeholders. Leaders must have the ability to influence and create positive impact on their teams and the organization.


Leaders need to be fully present in their actions and decisions. The perfect balance between technical knowledge, emotional and social intelligence is a must.